The Book




Just A Little Taste of What’s Inside…

“Come on Baby, relax, and let me show you how it works.”

He was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

“All right, I give in. Show me.” I sit back all smug and sassy. “What’s so special about you doing the honors anyway?”

“I just want to I guess. You’re really going to love the feeling and I want to be doing it to you. Close your eyes, don’t open them until I tell you, okay?”

Okay okay. This better be good. I’m just trying…the next thing I know there is this wonderfully warm spray of water going right up into my pussy. I yelp and jump up embarrassed by my reaction.

“Sit back down Baby, let it work on that sweet pussy of yours. Don’t you like the feeling of the water tickling your stuff?”

Ooh Sweet Meat, yes I do! This feels really good. It’s like…It’s better than waves in the ocean…lighter…it’s more like your tongue only wetter…it’s like your fingers but so much softer. I don’t know how to describe what’s it like.”

“I like it though. I know that.”

‘He leans behind me and gently spreads my cheeks. My sweetie’s hand on me enhances the feeling. The water on my pussy and my ass is delicious and incredibly exciting: warm, swirling, tickling. I love it. It turns me on and gives me a great idea.

Hey Honey, now that my stuff is freshened up would you like an appetizer?”

“Mmm pussy on a plate, my favorite.”



“I was not prepared for the experience of being so totally pulled into your pages, into the love scenes, that you staged with so much mischief.”

“I believe your stories get their strength to grab hold of the emotions and imagination, because they are beautifully written, authentic in their sexual magic.”

“I was reminded, and hence transported to the best moments of my own love-making experience.”

“A fun read for couples.”



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