Ready for the next Tantric Step?

Understanding the  role nature plays in our sense of sensuality and sexuality is as important as the bodies and the passions we bring to the setting. Of course the sights and sounds of nature are not always a prerequisite; for those living in urban areas, creativity will be key to establishing the closeness to nature.

Here’s what I mean. In your efforts to bond, to truly get to know one another and one another’s bodies, as well as your own body, meditation, quiet reflecting, is a critical element. You can save these for those very special times…celebrations, giving thanks, clearing the air and coming together for forgiveness…something different.

Quiet reflection, lying close together, naked, experiencing nature and your oneness with it…urban folks can open windows to let breezes in; flowers and their fragrances can provide a semblance of the outdoors, table top fountains for the delightful sounds of water…you get what I mean.

As your bodies and your minds totally relax opening up for the deliciousness to come, the intimate bond between you or you with yourself, will serve to heighten what follows. Take the time for those special times to prepare the environment and yourself/yourselves for the lovemaking/sharing.

Try it.



More on Tantric

We last looked at the setting and breathing deeply to help us get to a relaxed place, appreciating  the environment…sounds, smells, sensations.

The next step is more difficult for most of us. Many of us take comfort and feel secure when we are lying down. So, time to love and appreciate one of the most important, perhaps the most important  tool for great sex. The brain! I also say my soul. If I don’t like/love me, who else will. So, I learned to face the reality of my body and to embrace it…curves, dimples, and all.

Take great care of your skin. Soft and supple are really important.

Take a long look at yourself-front and back-in a full-length mirror. If you don’t like what you see, promise yourself a plan to change it. If your good, happy, ok with what you see, embrace yourself and

Last know yourself-your textures, your bumps and bruises, scars…

When you and your partner are ready, do the same together and share feelings and stories about the bumps, bruises, and scars.

No touching yet, just feasting on looking at one another. When was the last time you really looked at one another…eyes, noses…toes  🙂

Enjoy the journey.

More on Tantric Sex

I think what I love most about the Tantric philosophy is the celebration of the body. We do ourselves in by our own issues about body…size, shape, etc. Tantric celebrates it for what and how it is…

I always say if I don’t love me, how can I teach someone else how to love me?

A fun way to begin is to go to the space I talked about previously…a place you decorate with sensual fabrics, candles, and soft lighting. If you happen to live near a private beach or a wooded area and temperatures permit…that’s great too.

Undress separately, and then come together in the special place. Lie close together, not touching, and take deep cleansing breaths, paying attention to feelings, sounds, and smells around you. You’ll be surprised at all you’ll become aware of when you’re just focusing on deep breathing. It’s really relaxing and a great stress reducer.

What do YOU become aware of as you feel your body relaxing?

More later. Relax. Enjoy breathing deeply…and being naked!

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Well, I finished the last taping and editing of the audio book on Wednesday night. I love it! I’m thinking of putting the Interludes on UTube one at a time.

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Are you someone who would like to have the whole audiobook all at once, or would you prefer to access the stories one at a time? They are stand alone, so you can choose to listen to them on any order you choose.

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More on Menopause…Help is on the Way!!!

Hello Readers…This is a follow up to my post on FB this morning in response to someone else’s post on the miseries of menopause. This morning I wrote about the essential oils that can help with mood swings and “temperatures rising”. Right now I’d like to say a bit about sex and menopause.
Menopause is a process and the notion of it ending is still up for debate. The reality is women and men are living longer and processes last longer. So does energy, desire, relationships, and good sex.
Remember sex begins in the mind. If you want it , you can have it…with a partner or with yourself. There are wonderful products on the market to help with dryness if that is an issue. I think it’s always a good idea to start out with a physical, just to make sure all systems are good and that one is in good health. Pain can be a function of dryness, state of mind (your kids or grandkids think you should be done!), or something a physician can address.

Don’t give up. Good stuff is out there. You have to still want it!

Let me know your thoughts.
More soon.