Monica Hayes has been writing erotica for some time now. This is her first published work. She hopes her erotic interludes will get people talking about sex and getting to great sex. Her characters are positive: seeking to promote awareness and appreciation of sensuality and sexuality. Her work is explicit, designed to titillate and educate.

“My interest in erotica stems in part from an underlying sense I’ve had that great sex is more than just an organ to organ connection. I write erotica because the effects of the language, the sights and sounds of sex can be a natural turn on, I welcome the opportunity to help others embrace, and more fully enjoy themselves. My characters talk about the how and why of the sex, not just the doing of it. The ambience, sights, sounds, smells, and even the words all can play an important part. Mutual respect as well as creative and sexual energy all enhance the natural good feeling of sex and takes it to another level of enjoyment. “

“The voice I use seeks to push the envelope for myself as well as the reader. The notion of “pushing the envelope” is an acknowledgement that I can be more than the sum of my experiences. It allows me to give free access to my imagination. If I only write about what I know, the supply of ideas is limited. I am in a secure and confident place in my life that fosters an interest in and an excitement about the notion of fantasy. I enjoy sex and I have finally come to a sense of myself that enables me to freely welcome and embrace my sexuality and sensuality without fear.

Great sex between mature adults who respect and care about each other is like no other feeling. It takes work and time, but the results are oh so rewarding.

I had fun on this journey, writing and now sharing Pure Pleasure Erotic Interludes. I hope you will enjoy reading it and perhaps communicating with me about what you think about it, questions you might have. My work is explicit, designed to titillate and educate.


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