Ready for the next Tantric Step?

Understanding the  role nature plays in our sense of sensuality and sexuality is as important as the bodies and the passions we bring to the setting. Of course the sights and sounds of nature are not always a prerequisite; for those living in urban areas, creativity will be key to establishing the closeness to nature.

Here’s what I mean. In your efforts to bond, to truly get to know one another and one another’s bodies, as well as your own body, meditation, quiet reflecting, is a critical element. You can save these for those very special times…celebrations, giving thanks, clearing the air and coming together for forgiveness…something different.

Quiet reflection, lying close together, naked, experiencing nature and your oneness with it…urban folks can open windows to let breezes in; flowers and their fragrances can provide a semblance of the outdoors, table top fountains for the delightful sounds of water…you get what I mean.

As your bodies and your minds totally relax opening up for the deliciousness to come, the intimate bond between you or you with yourself, will serve to heighten what follows. Take the time for those special times to prepare the environment and yourself/yourselves for the lovemaking/sharing.

Try it.