Hello New Friends

H! Folks, Lots more lookers and more Likes, but no comments. I will keep trying!

Well, I finished the last taping and editing of the audio book on Wednesday night. I love it! I’m thinking of putting the Interludes on UTube one at a time.

what do you think?
Are you someone who would like to have the whole audiobook all at once, or would you prefer to access the stories one at a time? They are stand alone, so you can choose to listen to them on any order you choose.

I look forward to giving you a taste when I receive the final file this coming week.


2 thoughts on “Hello New Friends

  1. Pure Pleasure is a steamy, sexy, great addition to my erotica collection, thanks so much for sharing! While all the interludes were titillating, it was “Dinner at The Regency” that really lit my fire. Too hot for words!


    1. Hi JB I’m sorry to be late responding. I didn’t get a notation and I’m just seeing your comment. Thanks so much. I’m going to be putting some selections from my audiobook with these interludes. Am writing more and as soon as I can produce them, will begin putting them on as well. Been thinking about going the UTube route.

      Thanks again. This was just what I needed.


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