More on Menopause…Help is on the Way!!!

Hello Readers…This is a follow up to my post on FB this morning in response to someone else’s post on the miseries of menopause. This morning I wrote about the essential oils that can help with mood swings and “temperatures rising”. Right now I’d like to say a bit about sex and menopause.
Menopause is a process and the notion of it ending is still up for debate. The reality is women and men are living longer and processes last longer. So does energy, desire, relationships, and good sex.
Remember sex begins in the mind. If you want it , you can have it…with a partner or with yourself. There are wonderful products on the market to help with dryness if that is an issue. I think it’s always a good idea to start out with a physical, just to make sure all systems are good and that one is in good health. Pain can be a function of dryness, state of mind (your kids or grandkids think you should be done!), or something a physician can address.

Don’t give up. Good stuff is out there. You have to still want it!

Let me know your thoughts.
More soon.


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