More on Menopause…Help is on the Way!!!

Hello Readers…This is a follow up to my post on FB this morning in response to someone else’s post on the miseries of menopause. This morning I wrote about the essential oils that can help with mood swings and “temperatures rising”. Right now I’d like to say a bit about sex and menopause.
Menopause is a process and the notion of it ending is still up for debate. The reality is women and men are living longer and processes last longer. So does energy, desire, relationships, and good sex.
Remember sex begins in the mind. If you want it , you can have it…with a partner or with yourself. There are wonderful products on the market to help with dryness if that is an issue. I think it’s always a good idea to start out with a physical, just to make sure all systems are good and that one is in good health. Pain can be a function of dryness, state of mind (your kids or grandkids think you should be done!), or something a physician can address.

Don’t give up. Good stuff is out there. You have to still want it!

Let me know your thoughts.
More soon.


More on Tantric

I’ve had no comments from you folks, so I don’t know how you’re reacting to the material I’ve posted about Tantric Sex. I’m going to keep trying because I personally love the idea of it and the intimacy that can come as a result. I learned so much about the role of breathing and the fantastic voyage you can take with touching!

So! I’ll keep posting and hope that in time someone will comment. I’m heartened by the Likes. You guys are affirming. Would love it  if you could post comments. If you’re shy you can post without your name or make up a name. I don’t mind.

I have copies of my book. If you order two or more, I will pay the S&H. Books are on sale this month. Ebooks are available from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. So are the soft-cover books. Books are cheaper from me and I’ll autograph them for you.

Hope to hear from you.

Dr. Monica


The Audiobook is in process!

This is exciting. I am editing the final version. Perhaps you can help me. I want to include a message so that those who may have had unpleasant or traumatic sexual experiences will know that one or two of the interludes might be a trigger for painful memories. My intent is to get us talking about fun and interesting sexual experiences. None of the interludes are about sad things. Growth and development, trying new things, testing limits…yes. Your thoughts?