Update on the production of the audiobook

Well Folks, Like everyone else, I live and learn. The group that did the audio book with me seem to have vanished. I have been waiting since before Christmas to receive the finished, ready to go product. We had some back and forth stuff that really muddied the water. They did not seem to understand that they could not add dialogue to my copyrighted work. We didn’t agree on some other issues. Suffice it to say that when I finally came to grips with their goals for my work, I knew it was time to end the relationship. They agreed to send me the master wave tapes with the recording so that I could make the changes I wanted. To date I have not received them, although I still have the text promising it would be mailed to me.

It’s been difficult to focus on erotica while dealing with such ugly reality. Time to move on.

So what can you expect old and new friends? I’m going to put one or two of the short interludes in the media section of this site early this week. Many of you continue to Like what you see, but it’s not impacting sales of my book. Time to change that.

Ebooks are available from Barnes and Noble and from Amazon. Paperback copies are available from Xlibris.com.

Comments/feedback are more helpful than you can know to a writer. Please let me hear from you.

Did you like the posts about Tantric? Want to read more?

I’d love to have conversations with readers, so this Spring, I will begin having podcasts so we can talk!!!



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