An Open Letter to My Readers

Dear Friends/Likes,

I am writing because we are nearing a very special moment for anyone who communicates via this venue. You will have soon helped me achieve one thousand Likes for my website. I have enjoyed this journey to a point.

I am a communicator before I am many things and I have not found the connection with you that I have sought. My goal for the site and for my book Pure Pleasure Erotica A Collection of Erotic Interludes is to bring about conversations. I wonder sometimes if you folks are talking with each other, but not with me via the site.

I am also interested in selling the book so that I will have the capital to promote this book as well as the second book I am writing. An audio book should be available  for the Christmas holidays. Feedback is critical. I not only want to reach you through the site but through my book(s) as well.

Please let me hear from you. I am writing because I love it but also because I want to stimulate free-wheeling conversations about sex and sensuality…thoughts, words, and actions.

I think Nasty is good…Do you?