What Women Want 2015 event

Hello, Folks! The event was fabulous this year. There were thousands of participants. Lots of women came by my booth. A good number bought books; that’s always nice. We had great conversations about the book, why I’m writing, and so forth. I must say I was surprised to hear how many women said they felt that “they were done”. Some said they “were tired” or  “too old for that anymore”. The other important comment was from those women who lamented having a partner…someone to share with on this great adventure called sex!  One of my messages was you have to love yourself before you can look to share with another. We had great fun with that and hopefully the samples we gave out will be fun too!

I really enjoyed the time with each and every woman who did me the honor of stopping by my booth. Thanks to Stan Johnson who did a beautiful job on my banner, Target Printing for producing it so quickly and well, and to my two wonderful helpers who went out of their way to engage, sell, and support. Special thanks to X Mart staff who generously donated items for the raffles, and of course to Cumulus Radio (Dot Ely and Beena Syed) for all of their efforts to promote this wonderful event. I can’t thank any of them enough.

We had a ball.


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