50 Shades of Grey Trilogy

I’ve read the trilogy multiple times and enjoyed them each  time. I have heard that some have major objections to the main character-Christian Grey’s- life style. Each time I’ve read “the contract” I laughed out loud. Hell no. What continues to draw me to the work is the evolution of both characters and the peripheral characters as well. The heart of the work isn’t the sex as much as it is the evolution of a relationship…attraction, sex, doubt, building of trust, risks, challenges, and probably most importantly good honest communication. I love their conversations: the awakenings, the exploration, and the depth of insight gained from them.

The life-style featured in the trilogy isn’t for everyone. What we learn from the trilogy  though is that control begins within each of us. He never made her do anything. She had begun thinking about trying, thinking about wanting, thinking about liking much of it before he even introduced the activities. She heard words that gave her ideas. SHE had the opportunity to then think about how she felt AND if she wanted to try what was being offered.

My interest in writing erotica began many years ago. My goal is to get us thinking more about permission. We need to know, understand, appreciate and value the concept of permission giving. No one has to do it all. It’s important though to know what you like and to go for it.  I  initially focused on interludes because I wanted to explore  situations and fantasies, not plot development…at least not yet.  People sometimes ask if I’m writing about my own experiences. Truth is if you only write what you KNOW then your material is limited.

I am giving myself permission to let my imagination do the work; I’m having a great time writing about what comes to mind.   Pure Pleasure  A Collection of Erotic Interludes is available on this site. I can send it out as soon as you order it. Enjoy. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Dr. Monica


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