A Taste From the New Book I’m Working On…

…me on my knees ass up high, and Cujo on his knees stiff dick pulsing, pushing hard against me. He fills me up, his hands at my waist directing the tempo and depth of his penetration. I steady myself knowing the nut is coming. Cujo starts talking again as the intensity of his excitement tears through him. My pussy walls are squeezing hard.
“This is good Baby. Your pussy is doing it to me. I’m looking at your sweet ass comin back on my stuff and I want to jam deeper inside you. I just love that you can take my shit deep Baby. Swing that ass on me Cakes, swing that ass on me.”

I want to add some toys. What do you like to use?


50 Shades of Grey Trilogy

I’ve read the trilogy multiple times and enjoyed them each  time. I have heard that some have major objections to the main character-Christian Grey’s- life style. Each time I’ve read “the contract” I laughed out loud. Hell no. What continues to draw me to the work is the evolution of both characters and the peripheral characters as well. The heart of the work isn’t the sex as much as it is the evolution of a relationship…attraction, sex, doubt, building of trust, risks, challenges, and probably most importantly good honest communication. I love their conversations: the awakenings, the exploration, and the depth of insight gained from them.

The life-style featured in the trilogy isn’t for everyone. What we learn from the trilogy  though is that control begins within each of us. He never made her do anything. She had begun thinking about trying, thinking about wanting, thinking about liking much of it before he even introduced the activities. She heard words that gave her ideas. SHE had the opportunity to then think about how she felt AND if she wanted to try what was being offered.

My interest in writing erotica began many years ago. My goal is to get us thinking more about permission. We need to know, understand, appreciate and value the concept of permission giving. No one has to do it all. It’s important though to know what you like and to go for it.  I  initially focused on interludes because I wanted to explore  situations and fantasies, not plot development…at least not yet.  People sometimes ask if I’m writing about my own experiences. Truth is if you only write what you KNOW then your material is limited.

I am giving myself permission to let my imagination do the work; I’m having a great time writing about what comes to mind.   Pure Pleasure  A Collection of Erotic Interludes is available on this site. I can send it out as soon as you order it. Enjoy. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Dr. Monica

An Audiobook of Pure Pleasure a Collection of Erotic Interludes is in Production!

I am so excited. Thanks to some good folks in Atlanta-more about them later- I will have an audio of my book ready early in the New Year. As we get closer look for snippets from the audiobook. Reading the words is great fun. Listening to them provides a different kind of experience. Both Great! Just depends on what tickles your particular buttons.
Thanks to those of you following me. Let’s have some conversation, ok? Tell me what you like about what you’re seeing. Are there any questions for me? Let’s converse.

An Audio Version of Pure Pleasure is Coming!!!

Hello Friends!

I’m happy to announce that later this month I will begin production of an audio version of Pure Pleasure Erotic Interludes. Some readers have asked and I am blessed to have a friend who knew someone who could assist. So! Please be on the look out for news of my progress with this version.

I also anticipate a second book will be ready hopefully for Valentine’s Day. Please keep me in your thoughts and pray the words flow. I’m having fun coming up with situations.  Feel free to send suggestions if you’d like. A very special person in my life sent me the idea for A Night at the Regency. If you’ve read it, I’d love to know what you think. If you haven’t …let me know. Books are available.