Wayne Moody, “mapper of birth moment potentials” commented on my book!!!

“Again, her name is Monica and she writes erotica. Her inspiration is, well, another marvel of a woman, named Dr. Ruth Westheimer, out of New York City. There you have it – two sexual women, two races, one humanity, with similar intentions and spirit.   Anyway, Monica, a college educator, with strong leanings towards psychosexual counselling, has published her first book this summer. It is titled, “Pure Pleasure”.

I’ve read it, and I’m biased, but it’s ‘hot’ for Arians, romantic for Librans, earthy for Taureans, gritty for Scorpios, mentally stimulating for Geminians, Kama Sutran for Sagittarians, nourishing for Cancerians, while being very, very proper for Capricornians – this woman is a lady. The book is chock full of Leo’s Sunshine, and pours the proverbial liberating water like an Aquarian. In the end, Dr. Monica (I feel she is life-qualified) has artfully, discerningly, and tastefully told stories that make you appreciate what you had and look forward to more. She unleashes imagination that will no-doubt bring a Piscean Peace to any long ordeal, to those trials of blending, and merging through sex.

Love you.




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