Building Blocks for an Intimate Relationship

I just finished a wonderful book by Elizabeth Berg, Say When; it was amazing. The book crystallizes an intimate look at the reasons a relationship can go awry. Like a silent killer, a stealth bomb, the every day ignoring/missing of the signs and symptoms can destroy the relationship bond. My heart ached from the reality of how close so many of us come to such a place-unaware and devastated when the truth is forced upon us.

It doesn’t have to be. If you don’t know something is displeasing to someone how can you be expected to do something about it? Some are more intuitive than others and that may help, but only if it becomes part of a communication stream and the information, response, reaction, feeling…is shared.

Intimacy and good communication are fundamental building blocks for any good relationship. There are varying degrees of each in any partnership, this is true. However, in a mature, adult, monogamous  situation, the bonds of intimacy and communication are seldom truly replicated in another relationship. The uniqueness of this type of partnership is the trust embodied via the honest and mutual communication leading to an exquisite mixture of the physical and ultimately the spiritual.

Love, intimacy, and good communication are like a garden, they need tending…watering, pruning, feeding, tilling…nurturing. In our busy complex lives it’s important to remember to till the soil. The rewards will be great.


The Language of Erotica

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. The language I use in my interludes is designed to paint a picture, generate a stirring of feelings, sometimes beyond or in addition to the sensual and sexual. Some in the audiences thus far are eager to get to the good stuff…this IS about SEX, right? I can see the impatience in their eyes. For others, they are hearing me, following me into the scene, feeling the breezes or the sun, or…and it’s a different interaction and the smiles  and the knowing looks are priceless. Good to great sex is a journey and it takes some time to get there.

This is a challenge. How  do I get more of them to  WANT to hear and see so that the feeling will be even better? Stay tuned.

Wayne Moody, “mapper of birth moment potentials” commented on my book!!!

“Again, her name is Monica and she writes erotica. Her inspiration is, well, another marvel of a woman, named Dr. Ruth Westheimer, out of New York City. There you have it – two sexual women, two races, one humanity, with similar intentions and spirit.   Anyway, Monica, a college educator, with strong leanings towards psychosexual counselling, has published her first book this summer. It is titled, “Pure Pleasure”.

I’ve read it, and I’m biased, but it’s ‘hot’ for Arians, romantic for Librans, earthy for Taureans, gritty for Scorpios, mentally stimulating for Geminians, Kama Sutran for Sagittarians, nourishing for Cancerians, while being very, very proper for Capricornians – this woman is a lady. The book is chock full of Leo’s Sunshine, and pours the proverbial liberating water like an Aquarian. In the end, Dr. Monica (I feel she is life-qualified) has artfully, discerningly, and tastefully told stories that make you appreciate what you had and look forward to more. She unleashes imagination that will no-doubt bring a Piscean Peace to any long ordeal, to those trials of blending, and merging through sex.

Love you.



The Journey has begun in earnest

Thanks to those of you who have purchased my book. I have thoroughly enjoyed the readings so far and the discussions. I know some of you are shy, but it would be great to have you post comments, questions, points for discussion. I’m hoping this will become a fun place to share and to discuss.

Let’s bring on the learning and the fun!


Dr. Monica